Chat with your data

Experience the future of data exploration – a seamless blend of natural language interaction and powerful AI-driven insights.
Remove the barriers to organization-wide data analysis and insights by converging the capabilities of multiple tools into one platform.

Voice-Powered Data Mastery: Simplify, Interact, Achieve

QueryX supports all your operational and business decision makers by delivering insights from any available structured database from a simple conversation.


Let your team run their own BI analysis and query investigation with their own words.

Translate natural language conversation into SQL queries to get the relevant business datas.

7x faster than writing an SQL Query.


Provide all employees, regardless of IT and analytics skill level, with insights that will support them to make better decisions driven by their needs.

APIs available for easy integration with legacy software such as reporting BI visuals.

Use cases

Margaux is a doctor and must carry out investigations in order to establish a diagnosis.

“There’s a lot of patient information available, but I need IT support to find it.

I’d like to be autonomous and search for medical data easily with simple questions.”

Clara is an analyst and spends time writing SQL queries to extract valuable data.

“Databases are complex, and writing a SQL query requires a lot of concentration and time.

I’d love a tool that generates SQL queries based on simple questions.”

Quentin is a Customer Experience Manager.

“I need to offer my customers simple and intuitive tools to navigate my product information.

They have access to my document base thanks to my RAG tool but I have to add information such as the number of products remaining, promotions, etc.”


Bridge the gap between LLMs and RDBMS. Opens information retrieval capability to most up-to-date dynamic data.

LEVERAGE Generative AI

Leverage strengths and dismiss weaknesses of LLMs for 100% accurate, confidential and frugal solution

Support most SQL database

QUERYX supports integrations to all main databases solutions, which helps all teams drive business forward faster with data driven decisions.

And many more!

Simple pricing and evolutive services


All conversations in your own words and in your mother tongue.
Speak or write your questions as you wish.
Gain precious time and visibility into your datas.


Your data never leave your secure environment.


100% Proprietary solution to guarantee quality of the answer.


Various pricing options to adapt to your needs.
Continuous R&D effort to remain state-of-the-art.

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